How to Compound Your Money With Forex-Turn 1k to 10k in 6 months!

If you put in $1,000 in a bank savings account at an average of 4%, you would receive an additional $40 by the end of the year. Now lets say you put that same $1,000 in a Forex account. See for yourself below! To clarify, my team’s weekly goal is to make 9% trading, only 45 pips a week. But nevertheless, I inputed 2% daily rate. The Forex market is open 24 hours a day from 5 p.m. EST on Sunday until 4 p.m. EST on Friday. Forex markets are not open Sun-Friday, hence No for weekends. And if you keep that money in your account (100% reinvest) for just 6 months, it totals $109,661! You can do the math yourself with any compound interest calculator like this one.

If you have over 51% winning percentage rate (which is pretty easy to obtain once you learn the skill). And if that rate is totaling net pips and you start sizing your position by percentage from your current balance, this means you’ll be relying on prior winners which will net you an exponential growth rate. In other words, when you have a higher success rate, you can be even more aggressive with your forex account compounding.

Now where can you compound your money like this? Now this does depend on your broker and the leverage you have. Also as I mentioned, in Forex trading, you do not win every trade. Anyone that tells you that is not telling the truth. You do lose trades, but the goal is to win more than you lose. And the key is risk management and having the right mindset. 90% of trading is mindset, the other 10% is technical.

For the technical and mindset skills, this is where IM Mastery Academy comes in so you can learn how to trade and be profitable from trading professionals. My trading winning percentage is 60-70% but I took the time to learn and practice the skill. The good thing about trading is that you can start off making demo trades where you don’t need to invest your money. Once I learned the strategy that works for me, I went live with my own money and the rest is history.

So are you ready to make a life change? Have more questions? Feel free to email me at Ready to join IM Academy? Just click the link below and once you have joined, contact me so we can get you started!

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Disclaimer: Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.