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Despite having slightly higher fees than some of the competition, Coinbase is probably the best cryptocurrency exchange in 2021. This platform is perfect for investors of cryptocurrency who are just starting out, but it’s also quite an amazing choice for experienced traders who need a powerful platform to help them maximize their gains.

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform that has been the crypto-fans haven since it has been founded back in 2012. This US-based company offers a plethora of unique features and tools, including but not limited to an advanced trading platform, cryptocurrency investing, wallets for retail investors, custodial accounts for companies, and even its own US dollar coin.

Coinbase offers a solid variety of altcoin choices, has very high liquidity, and boasts an extremely easy to use interface. These are just some of the Coinbase benefits.

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One of the biggest drawbacks of Coinbase to me was its non-discrimination policy, which is quite inexistent. Unfortunately, a private investigation conducted by a group of reports from New York Times revealed that the discrimination is real inside Coinbase’s own headquarters. I point this out as I want to be unbiased and disclose any cons as well to be fair and so you can be knowledgeable.

Coinbase Platform Overview

The Coinbase platform was launched back in 2012 in San Francisco by Fred Ehrsam and Brian Armstrong. Starting out as a Bitcoin brokerage service, which enabled customers to buy Bitcoin online, Coinbase slowly morphed into one of the largest and most trustworthy cryptocurrency platforms on our planet.

Coinbase is a fully-regulated platform, being licensed across numerous US jurisdictions. The company has also managed to raise millions of dollars from top investors such as Rabbit Capital or Andreessen Horowitz.

Main Types of Services Available on Coinbase

The main and most important service this platform offers to worldwide users is the capability to buy and sell crypto coins. Many new traders are reading about the high Coinbase rating and hearing about the Coinbase reputation and are deciding to give it a try. As a result, many people have embarked on their own journeys with Coinbase trading in 2021.

If you’re wondering if whether Coinbase is worth it, know that this platform is perfect for you as a beginner trader. Even as an experienced trader, you can leverage the power of Coinbase using your Nano Ledger device. You can easily transfer crypto from your Coinbase account to your Nano Ledger, so you can be 100% sure that your digital investment is safe from potential hacking.

Meet Coinbase Pro

When you open up your own account on this platform, your coins will be stored on their servers. Thus, Coinbase makes it safe for you to add your own bank account. The same is true for Coinbase Pro. This improved version is aimed at more experienced users, offering insurance protection, industry-leading API, and competitive fees.

In terms of the benefits of Coinbase Pro, I want to mention the intuitive interface that makes it super easy for users to automate their trades and leverage pro features such as charting tools, orderbooks, trade history, and order processes.

On this platform, there is room for more than just traders. Developers can build bespoke crypto tools using Coinbase cloud, while large businesses can use the Asset Lab and Custody tools to take control over their processes.

The Coinbase Wallet

Back in 2018, the Coinbase management team decided to launch their own wallet. This eWallet, which is available for both Android and iOS, can store your private keys. The wallet comes as a good alternative to the Nano Ledger or Blockfi for storing crypto assets.

Currencies, Payment Methods & Fees

Coinbase supports a multitude of currencies, including but not limited to Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Algorand, Dash, Stellar Lumens, Maker, Orchid, or Cardano.  They are constantly adding new coins to the mix, enabling traders to enjoy the best trading opportunities out there.

For example, they’ve recently added Cardano and Internet Computer to the mix and soon Dodgecoin, allowing millions of traders to ramp up their profits. At this point, you should know that Cardano and Internet Computer have seen spectacular growth in May 2021, by over 100% at a certain point. However, despite losing their value after the crisis, experts agree that they will get back and be even stronger.

In terms of Coinbase payment methods, you can send money over to your digital account via bank transfer, credit card, debit card, or crypto wallet. You can also withdraw money to your PayPal account or bank account via wire transfer.

Now, the Coinbase fees to buy include a transaction fee and another 0.5% to the actual market price of the coin you buy. The bad news is that you’ll also have to pay some fees when withdrawing money. Nevertheless, overall, the fees on Coinbase are still lower than the fees offered by other brokerage services.

So how does Coinbase make money? First of all, they’re making tons of money from their transaction fees. With millions of users trading on this platform on a monthly basis, the profits from fees amount to tens of millions of dollars. They’re also making money from partnerships with other companies and from advertising.

Other Specific Info about Coinbase

Coinbase is an international platform that offers its services to users from more than 100 countries. If you want to know how to set up a Coinbase account, you should simply click here, tap Get Started, fill in the fields, verify your phone number & email, and finally verify your identity.

A Short Investment Guide on Coinbase

The best way to invest on Coinbase and learn how it works is to start small by investing under $100. First, you want to decide what to buy on Coinbase and then stick to it. For example, you can start by buying $50 worth of ETH and another $50 worth of Bitcoin. You can then hold for long term or wait for a few weeks or months, until the price goes up by over 50% and withdraw your profits.

Of course, if you have money to spend, you can start with $1,000 or more and invest in one coin or multiple coins. However, you would have to do your own research to make sure you’re not investing in a coin that might be dead in a few months or years.  The only coins I would advise to purchase is Bitcoin and Ethereum. And I choose to hold them as a long-term investment.

The best way to trade on Coinbase is to purchase stable coins. However at this point, it’s super important to be aware that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. A single tweet can wreak havoc in the cryptosphere, making the price of Bitcoin drop by over 15% within minutes. Thus, it’s smart to buy your crypto assets when the prices fall and I have always chosen to hold long-term but you also have an option then sell them once the market goes back up (and it always got back up so far).

Is Coinbase Safe and Secure?

If you’re wondering if whether it is safe to use the Coinbase wallet, know that the apps are extremely safe and protected by numerous security measures. Coinbase does take security seriously.

All of the crypto assets are insured. The company holds only roughly 2% of their users’ assets online, and the bulk of 98% in offline cold storages that cannot be reached by hackers. In case they would suffer a cyber attack on their online servers, their policy would “pay out to cover any customer funds lost as a result”.

This site also offers full protection against theft, so your funds are insured. However, you can still lose money if hackers steal your passwords and find a way to withdraw your funds. That’s why I strongly recommend that you turn on two-factor authentication.

Coinbase Support

One of the most impressive things about this platform is its extensive knowledge base. You can find tons of useful articles that can teach you how to overcome certain issues and can educate you on how to trade correctly. You can also call Coinbase as well as submit service tickets. I haven’t had to contact Coinbase in some time but I read that you can get a response from service tickets within one to two business days.

Pros and Cons of Coinbase


– Very easy to use

– Professional onboarding process

– Great UI, perfect for beginners

– Good fees and tons of investment opportunities

– You can easily deposit and withdraw money

– Funds are insured against cyber attacks

– Great documentation

– Coinbase Pro comes as a perfect tool for experienced traders who need to use overlays, charts & indicators


– Certain discrimination issues uncovered by reports

-may have slighter higher fees than other competitors

Alternative Methods to Make Money out with Crypto

While Coinbase is definitely a legit way to make money in 2021 from cryptoassets, you can also boost your returns over the following months or years by leveraging two platforms: BlockFi and Watermine. On BlockFi you can earn interest by storing your crypto, while Watermine gives you the opportunity to generate income by investing in crypto mining. I wrote reviews on these two services as well.

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Both of these platforms are legit and offer a much higher stability in terms of profits compared to Coinbase. However, investing in a mix of these three tools is a surefire way to make more money in 2021 from cryptocurrencies.

Is Coinbase the Right Choice for you?

Coinbase is the ultimate crypto investing tool in 2021. Whether you’re just starting out with crypto and you want to test the waters, or you’re a well-versed trader who wants to make the most out of the free tools offered by Coinbase Pro, this platform is the right choice for you. Remember that investing in virtual coins is a highly speculative business, so you must be smart and create some safety nets for you. I would advise you that you invest in several coins at once on Coinbase, and alternatively open up your own accounts on Watermine and Blockfi.

If you want to learn more about investing on Coinbase, you can always contact me via message and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.


Q: How do I Get my Money out of Coinbase?

A: You can easily withdraw your profits or your entire investment via PayPal or bank account (for money) or via your cryptowallet (for virtual coins)

Q: Is it Safe to use Coinbase to Buy Coins?

A: Totally. This platform is regulated and insured, plus it has been used by tens of millions of traders over the past few years.

Q: Can I keep my Bitcoins or Ethers on Coinbase?

A: Sure. You can do that. However, I would recommend you withdraw your profits from time and time or reinvest them in other assets.

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UPDATE 6/8/2021: has been hacked. They are working to try to resolve but I would advise that you Do not invest your money into this service at this time. is a U.K-based mining service in which people can deposit money in their online account and this money is invested in automated mining and trading of cryptocurrencies. You get high daily returns of up to 2% of your investment.  Although this is a new company, from what I and many others that used this service have had no issues so far. Money is instantly transferred to your account daily. I think this is a passive investment vehicle, however like all investments, it is a risk.

However, to determine if this is a scam, at this time I would say NO. this isn’t a scam. I see no proof of any fraudulent schemes, and like I mentioned I get paid daily and can withdraw my money whenever I want to.

Update 6/1/2021: Watermine has been going through some hacking issues. The company has communicated with their customers that they are working through this and the withdrawal process is taking longer than normal to ensure money is deposited to customers’ accounts successfully. It seems as if the site is back up and running now as of 6/2/2021. However, please use caution with these services and never invest money that you can’t afford to lose.

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So for example if you were to deposit $500, you would get $11.00 daily. After 3 months, you would receive $990 in 3 months, a 98% return. Many people use the opportunity to diversify their incomes as advised by investment experts. I don’t know of any other service or savings account that can produce this type of high return. And honestly, I don’t know how long this can last. I have heard of companies like these sustaining for two years. This company is 10 months old. So I decided to try it now and just be cautious. I withdraw from my account every week and transfer it to my Coinbase account and from there, I can transfer to my bank account.

What is

Many people are looking for online income-generating platforms like Watermine that allows users to invest in automatic crypto mining and trading. The platform has a minimum investment requirement of only $10 and customers can expect a return of 2% every day. Customers just need to sign up on the platform and deposit the money into their account through cryptocurrency digital wallets.

You do not pay any fees to use this service. The only fee applicable is the broker fee when depositing or withdrawing cryptocurrencies from their platform.

The company invests the deposited money in crypto mining, trading of crypto on international crypto exchanges, and even forex. Cryptocurrency is now popular among investors, both beginners and experienced investors. Crypto prices have surged in the last few years and many have been asking how to get involved. One way of doing this is investing in a trusted mining platform like that allows you to generate passive income daily.

How works

Watermine should be your choice mining platform if you do not know how to mine cryptocurrencies or do not have knowledge on these digital currencies. The company uses the SHA-256 algorithm to mine cryptocurrencies. A user will need to select the best mining contract from the 4 optional contracts possible. These are all 3-months contracts renewable after the period. They have different costs ranging from $10 to more than $2500. They do not prevent investors from getting unlimited income, so each project participant can also purchase any number of tariff plans they want even at the same time.

Additionally, the rate of generating income varies for each contract depends on the amount invested. With these investment contracts, you can choose to withdraw the money earned or reinvest in the mining again.

Crypto mining involves digitally minting new coins of a given cryptocurrency with the software on the host blockchain. Different cryptocurrencies have different mining protocols and a person can choose what crypto they want to mine to generate the highest profit or income. Mining is done with high-speed machines. ASICs are used to mine cryptocurrency at a high speed.

What Exactly is Mining?

Mining basically is an exercise through which the crypto blockchain network participants or nodes verify and confirm transactions. These are the transactions broadcasted into the network by network users who are sending and receiving cryptocurrencies. Verification ensures that the transaction and users adhere to the blockchain protocol for purposes of security.

Those who participate in the verification process are paid income after every block confirmation is successful. In a blockchain like Bitcoin, transactions are bundled together into a block. The block is confirmed and then added into the chain with other previous blocks. 

Investing in cryptocurrency mining is not new. Many people have been investing in mining different cryptocurrencies on their own. The problem is that you will need to buy pricy mining hardware to compete with other miners before earning anything. Most people discover that the earning is so little when mining on their own. This is why I choose Watermine as it allows you to invest without buying mining hardware.

For many others, cloud-based mining contracts work because they allow people to combine their computer hash power and therefore increase their chances of earning more income at a high frequency. This is because any mining income is earned by a person or a group when they create a new cryptocurrency block on the network. helps you to mine at a high speed and you do not have to manage the mining process or the machine.

New blocks are created often depending on the transaction confirmation times of the specific cryptocurrency. For Bitcoin, a new block is created every 10 minutes and that’s when the person who creates the new block earns 2.5 Bitcoins. Creating a new block every eight minutes or other durations for other cryptocurrencies is a competition exercise on any crypto blockchain and people with hardware that has the highest mining hash, power, and speed have the highest chance of winning the creation of the block.

Depositing money into your account and buying the contracts

It is easy to start investing with Watermine. It actually takes only two minutes or less. Before buying the mining contracts on to invest, customers need to purchase cryptocurrencies. This is done on a different platform such as Coinbase or a cryptocurrency exchange. You purchase digital currencies on these platforms using local money transfer methods such as a bank, PayPal, and Western Union. supports investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum,  Dodgecon, Litecoin, EBitcoin Cash, and other cryptocurrencies.

Once you purchase the cryptocurrencies, you can then transfer them from your crypto wallet to the account. Transferring is easy because supports crypto wallet addresses. After opening an account with, you will have access to your wallet there. From your account, click on specific crypto you purchased, select deposit, and copy the deposit wallet address to which you transfer the digital currency from your other crypto wallet.

The deposit process takes some time to complete depending on the confirmation times of the cryptocurrency. Different digital currencies have different confirmation times. The balances are reflected on the user’s account after the deposit is complete. After it is reflected, a customer can then buy a mining contract from and watch their returns grow without doing anything to the account.

Me, personally I chose Bitcoin to deposit money and withdraw. So I choose to transfer my weekly earnings to my Coinbcase wallet. And from there you can withdraw and transfer earnings to your bank account or credit card if you choose. At times I choose to keep my earnings in Bitcoin and experience the amazing gains from that particular cryptocurrency. You can choose Ethereum and others as well.

Referral commissions

The company allows anyone investing with it to refer the service to their friends and family members and earn some commissions when their friends join the service. This adds to their daily returns. The referral commissions vary depending on the level determined by the number of people that you refer and join the platform.

Commission rates on the platform vary from 2% to 8% per person from referral rank level 4 to level 1 which means the amount you get from the referral depends on the amount the referred person invests. If a person invests any amount and your referral is Level 1 in the referral rank, you earn 8% of the referral’s invested amount instantly.

Tracking your earnings and account balances

The account shows the money deposited with the amount and date details. The amounts are shown in US dollars. It also shows your total account balance as well as the breakdown for each of the crypto invested in or deposited into the account.

From the history of the account, you can see the amount invested and earned from the commissions and mining. You can also view the people from who you have earned referral commissions, the amount earned, and the dates. It is a very easy to understand dashboard.

Withdrawing money from the account

It is possible to hold money in the wallet and watch the balances grow. This is beneficial if the cryptocurrency prices are increasing. You can, however, choose to withdraw any cryptocurrencies any day to other wallets including cryptocurrency exchange wallets for sale. Selling means you convert it to cash but this is possible in another platform, not This is beneficial if you discover the prices of given crypto may decrease.

Withdrawing from starts by clicking on your account wallets. You can see the available funds for withdrawal for each of the invested or deposited cryptocurrencies. You can withdraw each at a time. Simply click on the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw and scroll to the bottom. Type in the desired withdrawal amount and click request to request a withdrawal. The accounts are secured with 2FA authentication and you have to input a 2FA code if you have activated it in your account. After clicking the request button, it changes the status from available to pending. Once the withdrawal is complete, you will receive the amount in your external crypto wallet.

Rating and what to watch out for

The overall star rating for Watermine is 4.9. Expected features include better contracts for mining and investment products. It is also expected to add support for more cryptocurrencies.

Customer Reviews

Trusted service is proven by the customers themselves. Not so many customers end up reviewing a product or service after using it. Nevertheless, many people do. Some of the reviews online are not trustworthy because they are posted by promotional teams chosen by the company owning the same product.

The actual way of proving a product is by trying it on your own. However, you can refer to trusted review sources such as Trust Pilot to get an idea about the service from customers who say have used the product. Watermine investment reviews are available online for anyone to see before starting the investment. These reviews will offer information on what profits and features to expect from mining service.

Other online Watermine io reviews tell you that this website is not a scam although it is a new service.


I encourage you to try out even if it’s just a $10.00 deposit and see for yourself.  I always want to share the best service possible that I have tried and I have been very satisfied with  I’m excited to know I get another service where I can receive passive income which is priceless.

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