IM Mastery Academy Compensation Plan

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Now aside from trading, IM Mastery Academy do offer a referral compensation plan where if you invite your friends, family, and tell them about IM Mastery Academy, and they join IM pays you. I was never into network marketing (MLM companies), so I never indulged in trying to recruit others to IM.  My main goal was to learn the skill of trading.  However, there are many members of IM Mastery Academy that make lucrative and residual money from recruiting others. 

Check out this overview video of the IM Mastery Academy for complete details.

People often ask if IM is a pyramid scheme. In short, it’s not but here’s a more informative video that answers that question directly. 

Now that I have been in IM for over a year and made consistent income. I know that it works and I see the results. I didn’t want to pass the word until I proved this system to myself first. Now I’m ready and want to help others reach financial freedom as well.  So the way I look at it is if I meet someone and tell them about Forex trading and how beneficial it is and they end up joining because of that, why not get paid a referral fee as well? It’s similar to affiliate marketing so it’s a win win. You actually get paid to help others grow and reach financial freedom.

There are many people on my team (Tradehouse) and all over IM Mastery Academy that are making a lot of money referring people. If you can get just two people to join (2&Free), that pays your monthly fee. If you get three people to join, you start getting a payment each week of $37.50. With 12, you get a weekly payment of $150 and so on. Check the below chart for all of the ranks. I know people personally that are Chairman and are getting over $6,000 per week! This is not including trading. They get recurring weekly payments AND trading Forex in addition to it.

IM Mastery Compensation Plan

Check out these testimonials for yourself.

So make sure if you join IM, you are joining a team that will be supportive and help you succeed in trading. Or if you’re a great marketer, you don’t have to learn how to trade if you don’t want and just concentrate on the referral side which some people do just that.

I joined to learn the skill of trading. Whatever is your preference, if you’re joining to learn to trade as well, make sure you are joining under someone that knows how to trade or is a part of a great supportive team. Learned about this opportunity from me? Then join me team! Click the link below to sign up and once you do, send me an email to and I will get you plugged in and started immediately.

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