My 1000 Pip Builder Review – How Good is this Tool in 2020?

1000 pip builder review

Just like any other professional Forex investor, you probably want to make the most out of your investment and get a hefty ROI on as many trades as possible. Most traders claim that Forex trading is a highly risky endeavor, however, there is very little information out there about how risky Forex actually is. The great news is that you can greatly diminish the risk of your trades using the 1000 Pip Builder system.

In this 1000 pip builder review, I’m going to show you how to use this exceptional tool to find the best forex signals out there and maximize your investment. Countless traders have been using the 1000 pip builder system to make a good profit out of their investments and fully leverage the benefits offered by the Forex trading platform.

Since Forex investments are extremely risky, and that’s not an overstatement, you want to decrease these risks as much as possible. Keep reading this 1000 pip builder system review to understand how to do just that and discover how to use this Forex signal to uncover the best trades possible.

What Actually is the 1000 Pip Builder?

This tool is an advanced Forex signal provider. As a matter of fact, it is probably the best forex signal provider available today on the market. This program can tell exactly when to enter a trade and when to shy away from it.

Bob from 1000 Pip Builder claim that all of their signals are verified and highly profitable for all of their investors. What’s truly interesting about this Forex software is that they promise to grow your profit from 600 pips to over 1000 pips.

You might wonder: Is it possible to have such profits? Is this just a scam or is 1000 Pip builder legit? The naked truth is that it is absolutely achievable to get to 1000 pips from 600 pips in the Forex market. This is also quite logical.

The main concern here is how the 1000 Pip Builder can actually help get from 600 to 1000 pips. How can you make quick profits when trading?

 In this 1000 pip builder review, I will focus on the most important historical outcomes of this Forex service provider and will try to determine its consistency. In other words, I’ll try to help you determine if whether this signal provider is a good option for you. At the end of the day, you will be the one to either choose or reject this tool.

Meet Bob – The Technical Forex Specialist

image of forex trader

Let’s say that we’ve just met David, a technical Forex specialist who decides to analyze trading data. David claims to have over 10 years of experience trading on the Forex market. He’s had his ups and downs, but most of his trades have been successful.

Based on this data, we have two options:

Option #1: David does have over 10 years of experience in the Forex market. He is truly a technical analyst with enough experience to make winning trades and not falter under pressure. As an expert technical analyst, he can also see the devil in the details and knows what to make out of a complex trading chart.

Since the Forex market can be volatile, David can use his experience to turn 600 pips into 1000 pips. He has managed to find just the perfect trading signals in order to almost double his profits.

Option #2: in this scenario, David is not the experienced analyst he claims to be. He offers fake services to his subscribers and is barely able to generate any signals at all. Even if he’s using certain tools to determine signals, David is unable to get from 600 pips to 1000 pips.

After studying the 1000 pip builder, I’ve noticed that their own analyst, known as Bob, is experienced enough to take care of all signals and help you make some gains. Bob is highly experienced, coming with over 10 years of experience in the Forex market. Even if the pandemic lockdown has modified certain signals, Bob has managed to maintain his consistency.

1000 Pip Builder program definitely employs an analyst who is part of option #1. This should give you enough confidence that this Forex trading signal provider is the real deal and has the potential to increase your profits.

1000 Pip Builder Review – Services Offered

The main and most important service offered by this digital product is finding new signals on the market and sending them to the subscriber. Basically, as a subscriber of this tool, you’ll receive constant signals that you can follow to make profitable trades.

Before sending the signals to the subscribers, Bob, the expert analyst from 1000 Pip Builder, cross-checks the data to ensure that all the signals are in order. He also measures the potential risks of each trade in order to offer the best trades possible. This entire quality check enables you as a subscriber to benefit from the best possible trades available in the Forex market.

A great feature of this product is that it always strives to send the signals on

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time. Since forex trading can be volatile, a signal that is sent too late might decrease your chances of a successful trade.

Bob, the leading force behind this tool, strives to bring Forex to the masses. His goal is to help both newbies and trading veterans to become successful in the Forex market and leverage the best trading opportunities available on the market.

Obviously, because we are talking about the Forex market, no one can guarantee you a winning trade. Forex is a high-risk, high-reward market, so sometimes the signals might be misleading. However, you can gain the confidence that the signals you’ll receive from 1000 Pip Builder are the best possible.

The signals you receive from Bob can be sent either via text message or email, so you don’t have to be in front of your computer to make a trade. You can quickly buy or sell using your mobile phone.

What About the Performance of 1000 Pip Builder?

After studying how this product has performed over the years, I realized that it was an excellent aid to traders, despite the varying market conditions.

Most trades have a strict stop loss at around 60 pips, with an average loss of around 34 pips. However, the win rate, which averages 23 pips, is excellent, standing at over 70%. I can state that this tool reaches its goal to “produce strong and consistent results with minimal drawdown.”

Using this platform, you can make some good gains over the following months. As a member, you’ll have Bob looking at your own account and offering you precious insights on how to lower the risk and increase your profits.

1000 Pip Builder Reviews & Ratings

As of writing this 1000 pip builder review, there are 81 reviews available on Forex Peace Army. With an overall rating of 4.5, this company is highly recommended by experienced traders out there.

There are dozens of other reviews of the 1000 Pip Builder program on Trust Pilot, most of them being positive. Here are what some of the people using this tool have to say.

As you can notice, this Forex signal provider is the real deal. It doesn’t just come with amazing results, but it also comes with constant feedback and guidance. This program was also independently verified by MyFXBook, so you can have complete confidence in the trading signals and know without a shadow of a doubt that they are legit.

What About the Price?

The 1000 Pip Builder price is somehow better than the price of the 1000 pip climber system, but they both are more expensive than the Forex Trendy price. The standard monthly plan is $97, but you can save big by paying for 3 months or 12 months in advance. You can save $64 for the 3 months plan and a whopping $467 for one full year.

What I recommend you is starting out a demo account. During this time, you’ll be able to determine if whether this tool is a smart choice for you. If that’s the case, you should invest in the 12-month plan and continue using this tool to find the best signals out there.

Perks and Benefits

– Perfect for beginners: 1000 Pip Builder is the perfect tool for newbies in trading who want to get the headstart they deserve. Once you sign up, you’ll receive personalized information and assistance from Bob so you can grasp how Forex signals work and understand how you can maximize each trade.

– Top technical analysis: Bob, as the lead Forex trader and technical analyst, will use his experience to scour the market and look for winning trends. You’ll receive his recommendations daily, either via sms or email.

– High-performance signals: this tool promises to offer you high-performance, reliable signals. Over a period of 24 months, their strategy has managed to achieve well over 6,500 pips. You can boost your profits like never before using these trustworthy signals.

– Continual support: another benefit you’ll have inside the 1000 Pip Builder community is the support you can get. Whether you need information on how to properly understand the market and the signals, or you want to get help in choosing the right signals for you, the specialists from 1000 Pip Builder are there by your side.

– Very good reviews: this service is highly recommended by its members. In addition to being independently verified by MyFXBook, this product has rave reviews on sites like The Forex Peace Army or Trust Pilot.

– Growing community of traders: 1000 Pip Builder has managed to bring about a community of traders who are passionate about Forex trading. Inside this thriving community, you can make new friends and get constant help with trading.


– This program is quite unclear about which markets you are about to trade in.

– It can be pricey for some beginners, especially as there are cheaper alternatives on the market


All in all, the 1000 Pip Builder is a great signal provider platform that can help you minimize loss and maximize your ROI every single day. Despite the lack of information surrounding this tool, you’ll find that the sheer amount of positive reviews, great support and helpful community will entice you to keep using the 1000 Pip Builder Forex signal provider. Click banner below to check out the official 1000 Pip Builder tool!

1000 pip builder tool

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